On may 24th, 2017 at Google Marketing Next, they released the news that Google Optimize & Google Surveys 360 will be joining the AdWords party. Now users will be able to better understand and serve their customers! 


As of today, Survey 360 is available online and ready to use in the United States and Canada. Survey 360 is a marketing tool that helps you gather insights from real people online, fast!

Last year Google Analytics 360 Suite added in Google Survey 360 for use. It allows you to ask direct questions to an online pool of 15 MILLION real users as they browse the internet. You will have the results within a couple days, and sometimes even hours! This is definitely a gold mine for those who are looking for fast insights.

On top of the amazing insights that you will be able to access, Surveys 360 will now be INTEGRATED with AdWords Remarketing lists. This means that you can target your AdWords Remarketing lists to see what works and what doesn’t work for them.


This is a perfect way to ask users questions:

“Did you convert because of the free shipping?”
“Why did you abandon your shopping cart?”
“What about my offer caught your eye?”

If you were to learn what exactly made a customer click or convert, you will be able to incorporate that more into your marketing strategy.


Google Optimize will be a jackpot when it comes to landing pages. It is said to be released within the next upcoming weeks.

As an advertiser, you probably spend a whole lot of time on your Ads, split testing them and thinking about what could make them better. But what about your landing pages? Have you given them the correct amount of thought?


Your ad copy is of course extremely important in the Pay Per Click process, but your landing page is JUST as important.

Think about it this way: A user clicks on one of your amazing ads, it catches their eyes, there is a clear call to action and an amazing limited time offer that they cannot pass up! They are taken to your landing page, which does not properly display this limited time offer and has a mediocre image. This is certainly going to turn them off immediately and they may bounce off of your landing page just as fast as they clicked on your ad.


Why? Because you didn’t live up to your image that the Ad suggested.

Google Optimize will help you split test your landing pages to see which one is a better fit for certain keywords and which one has better performance. You can now personalize and optimize your landing page specifically to the ads that they are attached to!

It will give AdWords users a quick and easy way to create and test these landing pages, making AdWords all that more desirable in 2017. No more dealing with query parameters or destination URLS – Optimize makes things simple.

Test different images and headlines for your Ads. Test your call to actions and color scheme. The possibilities are endless and the outcome will be nothing short of fantastic.


With these 2 new awesome tools, AdWords gives it’s users a more friendly, simple and fast way to improve their Pay Per Click Advertising results in 2017.

References: Google Blog

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