January 9, 2017 | Kyle Witeck


What is Remarketing? If this question hasn’t already been answered for you, you’re probably missing out on a huge benefit of online advertising.

Remarketing Ads are an extremely effective way to bring visitors BACK to your website.They allow your business to show Ads to the customers that have previously visited your page; whether it be organic visitors or visitors that have clicked on one of your Ads. 

This method is a very influential tactic. Not only will you be more relevant & familiar in their mind, but it will persuade them to come back to your website and convert.

Remarketing can increase your conversion rate & ROI (return on investment.)


Google AdWords & Bing have a Remarketing Tag Generator. This is basically a tracking codethat you or your webmaster can implement onto your website. This tag will generate aRemarketing List composed of every visitor that has come to your page. Your Remarketing Ads are eligible to show across over 2 million worldwide websites on the Display Network for up to 180 days.

(You can even do Retargeting on the Search Network! They are very similar, but with Search Results Ads instead of Display Ads.)


If you think back, I am sure you can remember a time or two that you’ve been added to a Remarketing list. Have you ever looked at an item on Amazon a couple of times, only to leave & see that SAME item popping up as an advertisement? It’s 2017 now and Remarketing is only going to grow.

Not only can you generate a Remarketing List for previous visitors, but you can alsocategorize these lists. You can Remarket to people who have abandoned their shopping cart on your website, people who have looked at shipping prices or special offers, and even people who have spent 30 seconds or more on your website. 


As you can see, Remarketing Ads are HIGHLY targeted. You can create a personalized Ad for each type of Remarketing list. It is no wonder that so many online businesses are having a go at it! 

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