Looking for some powerful tips to increase the visibility and quality of your Mobile Ad Copy? Read on.


80% of internet uses own a mobile device. (Smart Insights)


It is not a secret that smartphones have taken the world by storm. Some people use their smartphones more than they use their computers!


Throughout our busy work lives, it is common that some of us simply cannot access a computer until we get home. We use our phones to search questions, products or services that we need. Therefore, appealing to your mobile audience is very important.


If you aren’t already exercising a mobile PPC plan, you’re probably missing out on a good amount of customers.


Advertising on Mobile is going to be different than advertising on the normal search network. You can even have Call-Only Ads, which will only show for those on their mobile phones.


It can sometimes be harder to stand out against your mobile competitors. If you aren’t in one of the top 2 positions on Mobile, your CTR is going to drastically decrease.


So, what are some powerful ways to grab attention and persuade them to click?



1. ALWAYS Add Sales or Special Offers 


This rule goes for ANY type of Ad that you may be running.


When you include a special promotion or sale that you may offer, you are going to be catching many more eyes.


A couple tricks to remember is to add a percent sign % into your offer if it applies. Percent signs catch the eye and will get you more attention.


Numerals and statistics have been known to increase CTR – don’t forget that!




2. Show Off The Price $$ In Your Ads


Adding the price into your Ads will not only get you more attention, but will prepare the searcher for what they are about to encounter on your website.


If they like the price, they are going to be more likely to click it. If the price is a bit too expensive for what they are looking for, they will simply pass you by – saving you from paying for that click.





3. Don’t Over-Stress Keyword Usage


If you’re focusing too much on the keyword in your Ad Copy, you may sound like a broken record. ESPECIALLY if you are running a Call-Only campaign, where you don’t get nearly as much room to write.


Trying focusing more on the persuasive details that you know people want to see. If you are having a buy 1 get 1 free sale – don’t forget to add that in there! It is a hot factor that will leave the searcher feeling just a little bit more convinced. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal?


This is not to say that you shouldn’t use the keyword in your Ad Copy – just try to be a bit more creative. They can see that you are offering what they are looking for. Now convince them that it is you that they want to buy it from! Don’t be boring.


bored, boring


4. Get Emotional


1 of the biggest aspects of persuasive writing is emotion. If they cannot find a way to connect or WANT to connect with you, then you’ve lost them.


Studies have proven time and time again that people are sold by stories. Think of every sad animal commercial that you have ever seen. The narrator is telling you a story about these animals that are making the images THAT MUCH MORE heart wrenching. Which in turn brings you to your wallet to help a great cause.


Think of every product out there that comes along with a story of success. These stories are what persuade people that they NEED to try that out, and maybe it will happen for them as well.


Try as hard as possible to get some sort of emotion in your Ad Copy. Brand yourself. Add in adjectives, describe your offer – connect with the reader.


emotions, emojis


7. Split Test Your CALL TO ACTION (CTA)


Split testing is a good idea no matter what you are doing. Split testing your Ads will get you so much farther than if you were to just leave them their to marinate.


Try different calls to action – one of them is bound to get you a higher CTR.



8. ALWAYS Use Expanded Text Ads


Now that these are available to everyone, you NEED to be using them. It will give you more room to persuade and feature special offers.



9. Don’t Forget About Ad Extensions!


Add extensions are like the butter for your bread. They are going to add so much more flavor to your Ads. Not only do they allow you to be more descriptive and persuasive, they are going to allow your Ad to look larger.


When you Ad looks larger than the one underneath or above it, it will probably stand out more. Don’t be repetitive though – make sure that each piece of information is just as juicy and unique as the next.


people big and small


10. ALWAYS Use Message Extensions


Some of the Ad Extensions that Google AdWords offers are particularly useful for Mobile Advertising.


Message extensions are going to allow your prospect customer to text you right off the bat from the Ad. Mobile users are much more likely to engage in this Ad Extension, so don’t forget to use it!


texting, phone, smartphone, blackberry


11. Use Price Extensions


As I said before, Ad extensions are important. I wanted to stress using this one separately just for the mere fact that it has been known to drastically increase Click Through Rates (CTRs)



12. Get A Call-Only Campaign


These types of campaigns are going to make your Ad completely cut off from your landing page. So when someone clicks that Ad, it is going to immediately bring up your phone number on their phone so that they can call you.


This might be good if your website or landing page is not yet optimized for Mobile.


Call-Only Ads are extremely useful, especially for service based businesses where sales are done mostly over the phone.


You are literally going to be paying for calls instead of paying for clicks.


Click To Call Ads are for the searcher that isn’t looking to investigate. It is for the searcher that wants to call someone immediately because their roof is leaking or their house is infested.


Be sure to be as straight to the point as possible, especially since these types of Ads don’t give you NEARLY as much room to write as a regular search ad.


mobile phone, on the phone, smartphone, phone, girl on phone


13. Be Sure That Your Landing Page Is MOBILE FRIENDLY


If you are paying for a Mobile Searcher to go to your page, you definitely need to be sure that it is Mobile Friendly.


If your website is not yet mobile friendly, I would suggest fixing that as soon as possible. DO NOT advertise on Mobile until it is. You will be wasting their time and your own money.


On a side note, if your website is optimized for mobile users, but still takes a lifetime to load, I would advise against advertising on Mobile. The drop off rate after only a few short seconds of waiting for a page to load is pretty darn high. So test your website yourself. Ask your friends to load it on their mobile phones. If it is taking too long, I wouldn’t chance it.



14. Keep Location In Mind


Be sure that when you are using Location Extensions that you are advertising to those only in that location. if you are advertising to people outside that location, they are doing to see that Ad as irrelevant to them and skip over you completely.


mapquest, maps, location


15. Keep Your Mobile Ads Separate From Your Other Campaigns


When using Mobile Ads separate from normal Search ads, it has shown a 11.5% increase in click through rates, with a 29% increase in mobile clicks. (Reference: PPC Hero )



16. Give It Time


Mobile Ads have been known to take a little bit more time to get up to speed with the other competition. So if it isn’t working a week in, don’t cut it off. Give it some more time to really make a decision.



So what you hopefully have learned today is that Mobile Advertising is a different Animal. Don’t treat it the same as any other type of Advertising campaign. Don’t be boring, bring on the emotion. Brand yourself! Follow this guide and you will be off to a great start with you Mobile PPC Plan.



References: WordStream & PPC Hero

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