February 3, 2017 | Kyle Witeck


If you’re a service based business and do not have a Call-Only Campaign in Adwords, you may be missing out on one of the great aspects of digital marketing.

So what are the benefits of a Call-Only Campaign?

You Only Pay When Someone Clicks On Your Phone Number To Call You!

These types of campaigns are different than most Adwords campaigns in the way that you only pay if someone clicks your phone number to call you.

This is an extremely targeted method of paying for conversions. The call button is displayed with your ad to make things easy.

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When someone clicks through to your website on a regular CPC (Cost Per Click) Campaign, they must also be convinced to call you / convert.

Call Only Campaigns are made for the person that is READY to call.

They do NOT direct a person to your landing page.

79% of smartphone users use their phone to shop.
70% of mobile phone searchers will call a business directly from the search results.


A lot of your potential customers are at the final stages of their search. Give them your phone number so they can call, immediately!

Keep in mind that these Ads are only available to show on devices that have the ability to make a call.

If your website is not very well designed, this type of campaign may be for you.

With mobile device usage growing by the day, it is an awesome idea to take hold of this opportunity.


Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

What are your favorite benefits of Call-Only Campaigns?

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