A Pay Per Click campaign is composed of so many different ingredients, much like the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Miss one of those ingredients, and your recipe for perfection will be completely RUINED.

The message that your Ad Copy & Landing Page sends is a CRUCIAL ingredient to mastering your Perfect PPC Recipe.


Your Ad Copy or creating a distinguished Landing Page will only be effective if you’re sending the prospect the correct message. Finding that ideal combo of effective words isn’t just something that can be typed out in 5 minutes. Putting together the proper Landing Page isn’t something that can be done with ease. This process takes time, data analysis & ultimately – elimination. This lengthy and awarding process is called A/B Split Testing.

Split Testing is an ongoing string of methodical steps that will eventually bring you a SLAM DUNK Ad Copy & Landing Page. When your Ad Copy and Landing Page is strong, persuasive, provides benefits and implies the right amount of scarcity- you will be set up for AMAZING results.


So how exactly is Split Testing done?

The 1st step to setting up a Split Test is to create a targeted ad group.Once you have completed that step, you’re ready to begin!

Your Ad Group should be composed of 2 Ads at all times, and these are the Ads that will be going head-to-head in the process of Split Testing.

(Click here to learn more about creating Effective Ad Copies)

Like everything that gets any attention in this world, your Ad will need to stand out against all the others. Adding things like promotions, statistics (%) and money off is one of the 1st things that you should keep in mind.


Make your offer too hard to pass up!

Write each Ad Copy differently. Your headline is going to be the juiciest part of your Ad. It is the 1st thing that your prospect sees, and it is what is going to make them either read further or skip.

Test to see which Call-To Action works best.

But don’t stop at the headline! Split Test the description and displayed website URL. Once you have caught the readers eye with the headline, you need to keep them engaged. This is your moment to persuade them to CLICK.

Imply scarcity in your Ad Copies – make them feel like they will be missing out on something crucial if they don’t act now! Include limited time offers that only come once a year. Persuade them that you’re the perfect match. Be sure that your Ad Copies are directly related to your keywords. Failure to do this will result in a massive TANK in clicks.

Not all Advertisers are created equal when it comes to Split Testing.

Each individual business is going to be focused on a key goal. Maybe it is phone calls, maybe it is to fill out the contact form. Your Ad Copy should inspire your prospect to do JUST THAT. Find different ways of persuading them to call you. Try a little inspiration, or maybe even make them laugh!

If you have a promotion (which you most definitely should,) write them in different formats. Rearrange your words. 1 of these headlines is ultimately going to be the winner.


In order to decide which Ad Copy is better, you can’t just pick and choose based on human intuition. You will have no solid proof to back up your claim. That is why it is done by carefully reviewing the Ad’s data. There are A/B Split Testing Calculators to help you through.

When one Ad Copy has been booted, replace it with another. This process is extremely effective and is what I like to call, being a Smart Advertiser.

So maybe your Ad Group is already doing well with the 1 Ad that you’ve created. Does this mean that you shouldn’t Split Test? Absolutely NOT.

Wouldn’t you like to pay less per click than you are already paying? Are you interested in raising your Click Through Rate EVEN HIGHER? Of course you are! That is why it is considered a STAPLE to experienced digital advertisers.

Split Testing is an ongoing project that is going to make you money AND save you money.

Leaving this out of your PPC Plan is a mistake that a lot of newbies make.

Getting even deeper, you are going to want to Split Test your Landing Pages as well. These are JUST as important as the Ad Copy.

Even if you do have a kick-ass Ad Copy, if your prospect lands on a completely irrelevant or hard to navigate landing page, you just lost that sale.

Think about a time when you were searching on Google, or any other search engine for that matter. Have you ever thought you found what you were looking for in the search results, only to be taken to a page that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what you just clicked on? Maybe the page was just so horribly constructed that you couldn’t find your way around. Or perhaps it looked old and in need of an update.

Humans are judgmental. Our brains are designed that way. So creating a landing page that vibes with your prospect can take a little bit of time.

Doing something as simply as moving the contact form can increase conversion rates like crazy. Make sure to leave a good amount of white space so that your prospect doesn’t feel cramped. Test your color layout and text headline. 

The color scheme of your Landing Page should in the end reflect your business. The human brain operates in amazing ways. So what is green may not be taken the same as something that is red. (Click here to find out more about Color Scheme & how it effects your business.)


Split Test images. Using the perfect image can catch the prospects eye and get them interested with what you have to say. In some case studies, an image of people can drastically increase a person’s interest. But beware and be sure to Split Test! Some images of people can drastically DECREASE conversion rates and INCREASE bounce rates. Be sure that you are sending off the right emotional message.

Your Call To Action isn’t just important for your Ad Copy. Your landing page should display an easy to read, easy to understand – Call To Action. Split Test your words, make it straight to the point, persuasive and try to imply some scarcity.

1 thing you should ALWAYS remember when linking a landing page to an Ad is: Does this landing page clearly reflect what my Ad Copy is selling? If you’re unsure or think it might not, then you have some work to do.

It is of utmost importance to continue the conversation that you just had with them in your Ad Copy. If your prospect is brought to a completely irrelevant page, they are going to be left confused and lost, and will probably click the back button on their browser.


So why wouldn’t you Split Test?

There really is no good reason to not include some effective Split Testing in your Business Plan. It will help you understand the Customer Journey and in turn will help your business grow and boost your ROI.

Starting a business or keeping it in blossom takes a lot of time, effort & money. Following steps like this can really help make a difference. Nothing of importance comes easy in life, and we’ve all heard that. Campaign creation can be a stressful and tedious process, but in the end you will be so very pleased by what your Perfect PPC Recipe can achieve!


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