March 3, 2017

| Stephanie Bridge

PPC Trends

The internet is in a constant state of change. If you don’t keep up with it, you could end up falling behind. Don’t use old tactics to try & penetrate the over saturated market in 2017. Find out now what new trends will be emerging this year!


Google’s SERP changes is making it harder & harder to attract the attention of searchers. This means you will need to learn to analyze SERPs deeper than ever before.

As a PPC manager, you will need to take advantage of Expanded Text Ads this year.

And don’t forget about Ad Extensions. Without these, your PPC campaign is sure to fall behind.



In the years of 2015 – 2016 we saw a rise of use of personalized ads. But this year, if you aren’t in on this trend, you might be making a big mistake. As mentioned before, Google’s Search Engine is getting harder to stand out on. Personalizing your ads may be one of the true keys to adapting to these new changes.

Audience targeting will be on the rise this year, and for good reason. Ads will be created and personalized for age groups, gender, behavior, etc.



Getting a hold and leveraging the perks of big data & user attributions will be another key to getting ahead of the pack this year.

In order for you to stay in the game, you may want to listen to this one;

Advertising and attracting customers days, weeks and even months before they are ready to convert is going to become the new PPC standard.

Facebook sold out it’s inventory for the first time in September of 2016. Audience marketing is growing stronger and stronger. The new challenge will be taking all this massive data and turning it into tangible insights to help your campaign.


If you’re an eCommerce website and still do not have a shopping campaign, the water may be rising over your head.

Normal search advertising may have worked for you 5 years ago, but it won’t ever be that way again. What you need is Google or Bing’s shopping ads. Find yourself a personal and experienced manager that can get you shopping ads made – that you will so desperately need this year.

Shopping campaigns will hold more real estate on the SERPs this year – get on it.



Text ads will be taking up more space on the Search Engine this year than ever before. Google is adding more ad extensions that are geared for B2C Advertising – good news for you if you’re a business to customer company.

But will Google think about B2B this year? We are still waiting for more Ad Extensions that will help B2B advertisers in the race.



Last year we saw a rise on ad budgets and CPCs. This year the same is sure to happen. If you aren’t ready to add more money to your campaign, you may want to try out remarketing, RLSA, video ads or even Display Network campaigns.



Facebook ads are huge in the market right now. They have all kinds of targeting tactics and are rolling out more.

Facebook will dominate over Twitter & Linkedin Ads. Much of a businesses PPC ad budget will be eaten up by Facebook this year.

Linkedin may fall behind as the number one platform for B2B marketers, as Facebook will be adding more targeting options for B2B this year.



Mobile is one of the main focuses we should all have for advertising. This year that will not change. If your website is not mobile-friendly, or has a slow loading time, you may be left in the dust.

Consider speeding up website loading time and implementing call-only campaigns into your advertising strategy this year. If you are doing call-only campaigns, be sure that your callers are not being forwarded to a robot or a confusing instruction based menu. Being directed to a human is your best shot at making a sale.


These new trends and tips all spilled from the mouths of PPC experts. It can be extremely difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world. But as a digital marketer – it is your only hope.

References: Search Engine Journal 

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