January 31, 2017 | Stephanie Bridge


If you are running your own AdWords Campaign and are not using Ad Extensions, you’re missing out on a huge benefit of Google AdWords.

Ad Extensions are not new, but are sometimes neglected by newbies.

They are 100% free of charge, making it all that more juicy for your campaign’s components.

They can increase the size of your Ad, which will improve your Click-Through-rate. They can also increase trust, relevancy and user experience.

Let’s talk about some of the Ad Extensions Google offers & of course, their awesome benefits.

1. Sitelink Ad Extensions:

Wouldn’t it be great to add multiple landing pages to one single Ad? Google AdWord’s Sitelink extensions makes this possible.

Add relevant landing pages to an ad so it is all that more easy for the user to find exactly what they’re looking for.


This can be very useful for an eCommerce store. If you’re advertising for shoes, you can add multiple different sitelink extensions that will bring the user to different colors or types of shoes.

User experience is extremely important when it comes to making a sale or conversion.

Make one for a special promotion you have going on without having to create a new Ad for it.

2. Call Ad Extensions:

This extension is probably one of my favorites just for the mere fact that if someone sees your add and is automatically interested, they can call you directly from the advertisement.

With a call extensions using your own phone number, on mobile they can click the Call Extensions and it will dial your number into their cellular device.

If they’re on desktop, it will show your number to them, making it all that more easy to get in touch with you.


If you use a call extension with a Google Forwarding number, they can call from mobile or desktop.

With Call Extensions, you can use Cost-Per-Phone Call & track call conversions from an Ad easily.

3. Callout Ad Extensions:

These Ad Extensions are described as extra descriptive text.

Maybe there is something else that you didn’t have room to write in your Ad Copy. Add it in this Extension.

Add in anything extra that may be useful or persuasive to the reader.

I have found this extension useful on many different occasions, seeing as how you don’t have all that much room to write in your Ad Copy.


4. Location Ad Extensions:

This is an extension that you cannot use unless you have a Google My Business Account.

If you do, (which you definitely should!) I would highly recommend this one. It can make your business look more credible and trustworthy.

They allow you to add your phone number, address and the directions to your shop.

Location Extensions can improve your Click-Through-Rate, increase conversions, and even improve your Ad Rank over time.


5. Price Ad Extensions:

This is another Ad Extension that works great for ECommerce Websites.

This can drastically increase the quality of your Ad in a few different ways.


It is extremely easy for a user to see a couple different prices of the items or services that you offer, that they are seeking. If they like the price, they can automatically click that Extension and it will take them straight to the page of that Item / Service.

If they DON’T like the price, they will simple scroll past it, saving you from paying for that click.

With all of these Ad Extensions and more, you can easily improve your campaign, cost free. If you’re wondering in what other ways you can improve your campaign, check out my blog on How To Write An Effective Ad Copy.

If you have any questions on this topic, please leave a comment below. What are some of your favorite Ad Extensions?

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