December 1, 2016 | Kyle Witeck
So, you’re interested in Advertising on Google AdWords. Here are some advantages your business will have if you decide to do PPC with AdWords.


1. Advertising on Google’s Search Network is basically cheating SEO. (In A Sense) Think of it as a way to literally pay your way to the top. 
The Search Network is great for service based businesses. Reach out to those who are searching for exactly what you offer.
If you are already ranked high on Google for Organic SEO, this is a way to further reach out to customers. Think about it; If you saw an Ad and an Organic Listing for the same company on the same page, would you be more prone to click it? Most people’s answer would be yes, whether they know it or not. The human brain likes familiarity.


2. Google’s Display Network is an exceptionally large piece of the worldwide internet. It’s recorded statistics states that it reaches over 90% of worldwide internet. With over 2 million websites partnering up with Google, it’s difficult to miss the positives of Advertising on Google’s Display Network.
If you’re trying to boost brand awareness, reach a larger audience, or giving Remarketing a go, the Display Network is where it’s at. 
One of the main reasons why I love the Display Network so much is it’s Remarketing Capabilities.




If a user finds you from a Search Network Ad or from organic listing, the Display Network Remarketing Ads can follow them for up to 180 days. Most visitors that come to your website are not ready to convert. This drastically increases the chances of them coming back to your page and converting. 


3. Unlike organic listings, Paid listings can include Ad Extensions. These include extra descriptive text, price extensions, call extensions, reviews, business address, app, sitelink extensions & more.
These make your Ad appear larger on Google’s Search Results and can increase your ctr (click-through rate) if done properly. 


4. If you have the proper AdWords Manager, you can gain a higher ROI (return on investment.) You only pay when someone clicks your Ads. If you have Remarketing set up correctly, this can be an awesome pair to increase your ROI.


5. Google AdWords can bring exceptionally relevant traffic to your website. Sales leads are one of the major reasons why Google AdWords is as big as it is.
Bid on the keywords that work best within your niche. Find keywords with the lowest cpc(cost per click.)
Add negative keywords to your campaign nearly every week with Google’s Search Terms Report; this ensures that you’re not paying for insignificant clicks.
Target traffic with Google’s Location Settings. This setting is crucial.
If you own a coffee shop in a small city in Boston, you will only want to target a certain radius around your store. Google AdWord’s offers this option for you.



6. Run different Ads for sets of themed keywords. Relevancy is key to acquiring clicks.Separate your Ads and keywords into Ad Groups.
If you have a website that offers all different types of clothing, it might be a good idea to create separate ads for each type of clothing. Ex: Men’s clothing, Women’s Clothing,  Men’s Hats, Women’s Jeans, Women’s Tank Tops, Men’s Bathing Suites, etc. To make things even MORE relevant, make Ads for women’s red tank tops, men’s blue t shirts, or women’s pink robes.
Like I said, relevancy is key. You want to answer the question in their mind, you want to continue the unspoken conversation. 



 7. AdWords can generate you a conversion tracking tag that you or your webmaster can impliment onto your website; this will allow you to see if and when a person has converted after clicking on one of your Ads. This makes your ROI very easy to calculate.Get Google Analytics to measure these results with ease. 




8. This one should be a given; Instant Traffic to your Website. Isn’t that what all new businesses want? Be sure that you hire an experienced Google AdWords Manager for your campaign so that you can get the best results within your budget.
It is VERY easy to spend your money on irrelevant clicks if your campaign is not set up correctly. 



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