January 25, 2017

| Kyle Witeck


When I think about Pay Per Click marketing, Google AdWords is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But that doesn’t mean that Bing Ads doesn’t have some awesome things to offer.. Let’s go through some of the benefits of Advertising on Bing.

1. Bing has a lower CPC (Cost Per Click) for most industries:

This is always the first advantage that I think of when talking about Bing Ads.

Google is no doubt the leading search engine at this moment in time, which is why it’s CPC is so much higher than Bings. That being said, this doesn’t mean that millions of your potential customers aren’t using Bing’s search engine.

You have the option to reap these users for a lower Cost Per Click.This benefit alone makes Bing Ads a juicy option for people on a tighter budget.

 Most of the people who use Bing’s Search Engine, do not use Google’s. This is your chance to tap into millions of unique users that you have not been able to reach before.

Also, according to statistics, Bing’s average searcher is older, has a higher education level & a higher income than Google’s average searcher.

2. You can transfer your AdWords Campaign directly into Bing:

This benefit is pretty awesome. Bing Ads gives you the option to transfer your entire campaign into Bing Ad’s interface; making setup all that more easy if you’re already using AdWords.

AdWords & Bing Ads are very similar in a lot of ways. You’ll probably have no problem navigating through Bing Ads if you already know your way around Adwords. 


3. You can access the history of your Quality Score:

This is one thing that Google AdWords does not offer (yet?)

Bing gives you the option to check the history of your quality score, making it that much more easy to figure out what changes that you’ve made have affected your account either negatively or positively!

You can access this data in the Keyword Performance Report inside of Bing Ad’s Interface.

4. Allows you to use many useful Ad Extensions:

Ad Extensions can raise your CTR (Click Through Rate) if used correctly.

If you’re running Ads on Google AdWords or Bing Ads, and you aren’t using Ad Extensions, I suggest you high tale it back to your campaign & add these in as soon as possible.

Create sitelink extensions that will connect the user from the Ad to that sweet spot on your website with extremely relevant information that they might be looking for.

Add a call extension (that you can track conversions with!) to your Ad so that a searcher can call you directly from the Ad on a mobile device. Or if viewed from desktop, they can access your phone number right away. 

Ad Extensions will increase your visibility & relevancy. They include another push for a customer to Click your Ad over another.

Unlike Google Adwords, Bing Ads allows you to add image extensionsto your Ads, making it that much more likely to pop out to the searcher. Humans are visual creatures; we can’t help but to be wooed by this.

It is even possible to add an extension that will show reviews, and even your business address. It is hard to miss what the positive are here.

5. You can set time zone at the campaign level as well as the account level:

This is a benefit that international business will surely salivate over.

If you run a business that operates inside more than one timezone, Bing Ads are here to rescue you.

It is always a good idea (especially if you’re on a tight budget) to run your Ads inside of your Business hours. Bing Ads makes this easy for you, by allowing you to change the time zone within a campaign.

However many time zones you operate under, should be the number of campaigns that you will have.

6. Shopping Ads:

If you’re an eCommerce website, you will no doubt see the benefit of this one.

You are able to advertise the product that you’re selling inside of Bing’s Merchant Center Store. This campaign type offers easy control and deeper insight into your product Ads performance.

You can easily transfer your Google AdWords Shopping Campaign into Bing, making setup and maintenance easy.

All of these things and more make Bing a worthy PPC Marketing Interface.

Find out 8 Great Benefits Of Google Adwords. Using both Bing Ads & AdWords, when budget allows, can get your business great results.

References: Amazee Metrics & Nova Solutions


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