February 4, 2017

| Kyle Witeck


Keeping up with digital marketing is extremely important if you wish to keep your business competitive.

Adwords is one of the most popular ppc platforms & it is constantly evolving.

We’d be wrong to not evolve with it.

So, what changes can we expect from Adwords this year of 2017?



Adwords announced earlier in 2016 it’s new ad format, letting users create 2 headlines with 30 characters, instead of the 1 ad headline with 25 characters.

It’s success rate is impressive.

As of January 31st, 2017 the old ad formats were made unavailable to use, and for good reason!

Expanded headline ads are now the standard format for text ads.



The similar audience will look at your existing remarketing audiences & find you new qualified customers.

These people share similar interested with the people currently on your active remarketing lists. 

It is a simple and effective way to reach a new targeted audience for clicks & conversions.


This will give you a great opportunity to remarket to a much larger group of prospect customers.

The released statistics are:

  • 60% More Impressions

  • 48% More Clicks

  • 41% More Conversions

References: Think With Google


We all love Ad Extensions; they increase the visibility and the click through rate of your ad.

The new extensions for promotional offers will be available for text ads & allow you to state your offer with a description.

Add a promo code to this ad extension. It will no doubt make your ad stand out amongst the others!

special offers



Show your customized ads across Youtube and other partner video platforms.

Remarket your ads to users that have previously viewed your Youtube channel / videos.


First you must link your Youtube account to your Adwords account.

After they are linked, you are able to create remarketing lists based on the following:

  • Previous visits to a channel’s page

  • Viewed a video from a channel’s page

  • Liked a video from a channel’s page

  • Commented on a video from a channel’s page

  • Viewed an ad from a channel

  • Shared a video from a channel

  • Subscribed to a certain channel

  • Viewed a certain video / videos

  • Viewed certain video / videos as an Ad

 business profit

What else could Adwords be planning for us this year?

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