“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” ― Abigail Adams

Google AdWords, much like everything else in life, is something that we must learn if we are to master it. A successful PPC campaign doesn’t rise from the dust to take the trophy. It must first be kindled from a spark.

After hearing about the amazing possibilities of Pay Per Click Advertising, many business owners take on their own AdWords Campaign. What they don’t know is that it can be a savior or a major disaster.

When starting your own PPC Campaign, there are many things to be mindful and knowledgeable of if you wish to succeed. The same rules do not apply to Pay Per Click Advertising as they do for Traditional Advertising. We are going to go over 10 Quick Tips that will aid you on your PPC journey.



When adding keywords to your campaign, the match type that you choose to use can make or break your campaign. Specifically when you’re using BROAD MATCH keywords. Broad match keywords can be as dangerous as a can of gasoline amidst a house fire.

When adding a keyword to your campaign, if you choose to use broad match, your ad will be eligible to show for an endless amount of other keywords that you yourself did not choose. They may be synonyms of the initial keyword, they may be vaguely related, or they may just be downright confusing as to how they would even be slightly connected to the initial keyword that you have chosen.


I’m guessing you can see the problem with this Match Type. This means that you will be paying for clicks that have absolutely nothing to do with the service/product that you offer. When traveling down this road, you are sure to lose a LOT of money.

So be sure to take this tip into major consideration when creating your AdWords Campaign and you’ll be on the road to AdWords Success! Click here to learn more about Keyword Match Types. 


This is something that I see ALL THE TIME as an AdWords Manager. A company will hire me on and I look into their account to see that they have 1 Ad in each Ad Group. This can be very detrimental to the Campaign’s Growth & Success.

Just like a tree needs water, sunlight and nutrients to grow, an AdWords Campaign needs Split Testing & Targeted Optimization. Split testing is something that should really put a smile on your face. Want to know why?

It can improve your Click Through Rate, Return On Investment, lower your Cost Per Click and even decrease your Cost Per Conversion.

Split Testing is the act of having 2 Ads running in each targeted Ad Group.

Make each Ad different, and be sure to focus on the headline since it is the 1st thing that your prospects will see. Split test your Call To Action or re-word your offer.

Don’t forget to water your Campaign! When implementing split testing correctly, your campaign can become a PPC Gold Mine. The best AdWords Campaigns out there are Split Testing, and you should be too. Click here to learn more about Split Testing!



This should be a no-brainer, right?

When setting up your AdWords Campaign, you should ALWAYS choose to use the Advanced Settings. If you fail to do this, you will have a campaign that leaves much to be desired.

Some of the 1st settings that you will go over in the Advanced settings are the Location Settings. These will determine where your Ads are showing. Choose the places to which you service or sell to.

Easy right? Wrong.

While it seems as though this will do the job, Google’s default settings will let your Ads show to people in, searching for or viewing pages about your targeted location. Therefore if your targeted location was California, your Ads could be showing to someone whom is in New York because they were searching for something in California.

This is of course NOT the route that you want to take. You will be left paying for extremely irreverent clicks from places outside of your targeted location.

Choose the option to show your Ads to People in your targeted locations and exclude the people that are in your excluded locations. 

Be sure to implement this tip into your AdWord’s campaign creation and it will save you a lot of time and money.



A lot of times when a business owner creates their own AdWords Campaign, they will set it and forget it. Unlike traditional advertising, doing this is the perfect way to stunt your Campaigns growth.

Digital Advertising has SO much opportunity waiting for you within it. Now more than ever in all the years of Advertising, we can analyze the data of our Advertising Campaigns. No more guessing games, no more leaving it up to faith.


Google gives you the ability to study and optimize your Campaign. Failure to ignore the data can result in stunted growth. Be sure to come back and check on your Campaign. Look at your Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion, Average Position, etc etc. With a little bit of math, you will be off to a good start.

If and when you notice an Ad under performing, nix it! There is no logical reason to eat expired meat just as there is no reason to keep a bad ad. 


As I mentioned earlier, digital advertising gives us AMAZING opportunity to track, analyze and optimize our campaigns. Maybe your Ads are running great! Maybe your Click Through Rate is THROUGH THE ROOF.

But does that mean that your business is making a Return On Investment from it?

The answer is no. The only way to TRULY know whether or not your AdWords Campaign is bringing you customers for the right price is to set up and track conversions. Doing this will really boost your campaigns growth.


When you are able to study things like Cost per Conversion and Conversation Tracking, you are being set up for amazing data that is begging to be analyzed.

After setting up conversion tracking, some business owners will come to realize that their Cost Per Conversion is extremely high. Is it worth it? With the proper analysis you can find this out. Click here to learn more about Conversion Tracking!


Under your Keywords Tab, there will be a subtab called Search Terms. This tab is JUST as important as the Keywords you are using for your campaign. What this tab holds are some of the Keywords that your Ads have been showing up for.

Why is this important?

The key to a successful AdWords Campaign is held within the arms of relevancy. What if your Ads are showing up for completely unrelated terms?


Unless you have every single keyword at EXACT MATCH (Which is not always the best idea,) or you have every single negative keyword that is mathematically possible implemented onto your campaign (which is mathematically impossible for the human brain to conjure,) I’d wager that your Ads are going to be showing for some pretty irrelevant search terms.

Obviously that is something that you don’t want. It is wise to check the Search Terms tab as often as you can to gather up the negative keywords and implement them into your campaign. This will bring you 1 step closer to having successful PPC Campaign.


Ad Extensions are a great way to make your Ads appear larger and have more relevancy to your prospects. If you’re not utilizing Ad Extensions by now, then you are really, really missing out.

You can add Sitelink Extensions to your Ad to make it easier for your prospects to get to their desired page on your website. That alone will improve their experience with your brand.

You can even add Call Extensions, giving your prospect the immediate opportunity to call you from the Ad. This saves everyone time and can really improve your Campaign’s Success.


Remember this: You can never use too many Ad Extensions. When used properly, they can DRASTICALLY increase your Click Through Rate and Ad Visibility, and who doesn’t want that?


One of Google’s default settings when creating a campaign on AdWords is a Campaign for Search & Display Network together in one. There are many reasons why this is a disaster.

One of the 1st things we must remember is that Google is a company as well and they are here to make money just like the rest of us. That is why we should not overlook simple things like this. A lot of Google’s default settings are there to make THEM money, not you.

Running a Campaign that is set up for both Search Network and Display Network is set up to make Google money, because both of these networks are completely different.


It is easier to control your budget, analyze data and overall optimize your campaigns if you keep these two networks separate. When we cannot properly analyze, budget and optimize, this sets you up to lose money.

Would you store frozen meat in the cupboard next to the canned goods? I didn’t think so. This is the same reason why you should not store your Search Network Campaign in the same space as your Display Network Campaign. 


Sometimes when I get a new client, I look into their AdWords Campaign to find that they have 30 keywords in the SAME Ad Group. Sometimes it can be hard for a newbie to understand just exactly why this is unwise.

It all starts with quality score & relevancy. Quality score is based off of many different things, like Ad relevancy to the keyword, landing page relevancy to the keyword, etc.

If you have a bad Quality Score on keywords and low Ad Relevancy, then you’re being set up to fail. Your Ads will not show as often, you will pay more for clicks and your Ads will show very low on the page.


If you stick to a themed Ad Group with a set of 1 – 3 keywords that are extremely relevant to the Ad, then you will more than likely have a higher Quality Score, better Ad Relevancy, lower Cost Per Click and a higher Ad Position.

You can imagine how hard it would be to make 30 different keywords all equally relevant to an Ad. Stick to targeted Ad Groups and receive great results!


This has just as much to do with a successful campaign as everything else inside of the AdWords Editor does. When it comes down to it, even if your AdWords is AMAZING and has incredible Click Through Rates, does it really matter if the page your prospect lands on completely stinks?

The obvious and correct answer is NO.

Just because you’ve convinced them to consider your services from your Ads alone does not mean that they will be convinced once they land on a page that may either be horribly designed or just is not relevant.


Your landing page should be the strongest part of the Advertising Process. This is your chance to make them feel as if your service is the only one that is for them. This is your chance to make them an offer that cannot be turned away.

In Digital Advertising, I feel as if it is a necessity to split test landing pages. Just like Ads, we do not know as a human which one will convert better. We cannot simply go on intuition with this one. It is all purely mathematical at this point and results must be tracked and analyzed. Click here to learn more about Split Testing Landing Pages!

Pay Per Click advertising is like a young child that you must help grow into a prosperous adult. At first it can be hard to learn all of the parenting skills, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a successful and proud parent of an amazing PPC Campaign!


References: White Shark Media, Digital Marketer & Kissmetrics

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